Reality or Religion


Invites you to take deeper look into the subject of faith from raw perspective.

Think how exciting it would be to discover a book that bridged the gap between science and religion.

Where reality is infused with purpose at the discovery of a higher calling, and learn facts that bring meaning into your life be it mundane or monstrous.

In this book you will learn: Do science and the bible contradict itself?  Are you really not a “Church” kind of person? How to get God involved in my situation?

You will also discover: 

What religion forgot about God.

How to have a down to earth heavenly experience.

Blessings & Curses

6 CD- Combo Set

If you're taught appropriately, you can appropriate the blessing. There are over 1,500 If’s directly injected in the bible.

Clearly teaching us the conditions upon which God will bless men. There is not one unconditional covenant, not one unconditional promise, or one unconditional blessing to be found in all the bible.

Therefore we know without a doubt God will no bless a person who is ignorant of His principles and in this series you will learn how to curse the curse and release all the blessings of heaven for your life.

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Supernatural Healing

6 CD- Combo Set

When you’re fighting for a healing you’re not wrestling with God for a miracle, you are wrestling, Satan, doubt and unbelief. Death came into the world by sin, And sickness is limited death.

The purpose of illness is to kill your kill your time, strength energy and ultimately your life so the enemy can hinder your impact.

There is such an intensity in this final hour to work while it is still day and the if the devil can't get you into sin he will try to slow you down. In this series learn how to put the devil under your feet and walk in supernatural healing from the common flu to brain tumors, this series will help you bring your dominion back to your health.

Rise of the Beast

6 CD- Combo Set

When dealing with the Apocalyptic part of the bible its very different from the rest of the Bible. Every part of the bible God is clearly revealing Himself.

The bible is designed to be clear, easily understood and plain in interpretation. When we can take the word of God line upon line, here a little there a little we see a consistent revealing of the message of God to mankind.

But with the apocalyptic literature the opposite seems to be the case, instead of God revealing himself he is concealing himself, and expects us to seek him for understanding. Find the secrets to unlock the testimony of Jesus Christ in this powerful end time teaching.

$30 Donation

$30 Donation

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Overcoming the Devil

6 CD- Combo Set

 There are times where the enemy will try to trip you up, that is why to overcome the devil and his fiery darts, schemes and traps, we must become escape artists.

Every time the devil tried to get Jesus, he just passed through the midst of them, and with the principles laid out in this series you too will learn how to escape all the wiles of the devil.

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Passing the Mantles

DVD-1 Disc

 This is a prophetic word about a major shift that has taken place in history. We are no longer the same as we were in times past, but we have entered a new season that those who can discern the times we are in can maximze their potential and walk in Gods Kairos timing for their lives. Get this DVD now and step into a new dimension in Christ. 

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