Congratulations, you are only one a hand full of people that has felt to tug on your heart to look into making a difference with All Nations in the un-reached parts of Asia.

We feel its important to share with you this unique chance to be a part of a truly historic opportunity to see the nations come to Jesus Christ. All hype, rhetoric and “charismania” fund raising talk aside. We are genuinely positioned, anointed and called to be a part in leading the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen. However this reality is not known by the church at large because we are nestled underground in a restricted nation.

Our brothers and sister in the free church world are only exposed to the famous media ministries and thats why we are taking the time to share this opportunity with you. There are 3 U’s that underscore the significance we are about to make and how you can be a part of it.

UNIQUE POSITION: God has based us in the Capital of the most powerful nation of the earth outside of the Unites States. This is not by happenstance considering the powerful influence God has given us in this nation with the leaders and celebrities in both business and other arenas of society. From here we launch out throughout the year into Mongolia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and soon Bhutan to bring the message of the cross to non Christian nations and people.

UNIQUE CALLING: There are many ways to reap a harvest, you can pick in the fields one by one with our hands and there are others who are involved more in industrial farming, and therefore reap massive quantities of harvest with large combines and so forth. The particular calling on this ministry is to win Nations of people, not just people of the Nations. We go into countries and shake them from the top down. With crusades, media and relationships reaching the government we bring a massive light to the most dangerous nations of the East.

UNIQUE CALLING: Nationwide influence was not something we aimed for, and therefore claim.  But it is what God gave this ministry, and therefore we have come to accept. From the begging of our ministry strange doors were opening up to do the first ever outdoor services for the city leaders, then nationwide TV came broadcasting Apostle Joseph Castillo to 600,000,000 live viewers on this first show. Since then international TV, newspapers, radio, commercials publishing companies and now most recent Hollywood movie has sought our influence.

In light of these 3 U’s you can understand our need for very powerful, prayer covering and faithful partnership with believers like you.

What we ask from you is a SMALL commitment to help us make a BIG impact.

Commit to prayer.

We ask that you would add us to your prayer once a day. When you have breakfast everyday mention us to the Lord, if you don't usually have breakfast.

Once a day you pray for us, for protection against "higher Up's" persecution, radicals, illness  and witchcraft. Secondly you pray for open door for the gospel to be preached through us in signs wonders and miracles. In addition would ask you to consider opting in for special campaigns and crusades 24 hour prayer slots via your email.

Second commitment is to giving.

We ask you donate once a month any amount God puts on your heart. We realize some months things may be tighter than others, but we want you to have the freedom to obey the voice of God monthly in your commitment whether its more a less any given month.

If you don't have a home church and you would like to be in relationship with us with your tithe you may do so, but we encourage everyone that has a home church to tithe to your home church only. Your seed is over and above your tithes.

Our commitment to you.
First and foremost the greatest value of partnership is Gods blessing in your life because of your willingness to be a part of His most important work, bringing un reached souls into the Kingdom.

But we want to show our love and appreciation for you in every way possible.

We will give you:

1. Free 6 CD series of your choice upon signing up.
2. Pray for you once daily, including praying for your special requests.
3. Unlimited correspondence with us via email,  phone and closed access FB group for partners. Monthly updates via email,
4. Free downloadable audio teachings every month.
5. Front row seating and meeting time at any events Joseph Castillo is speaking around the world. (Must notify in advance)

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