Founded in 2011 All Nations has been a bright light throughout the city ministerign in signs wonders and miracles not only to those who attend but in outreaches in many places including Sanlitung bar street nad Wudaokou night clubs on Friday nights. Missions around China, and fellowship within with Embassies accross Beijing to make Jesus famous and prepare His glorious Church waiting for the return of Christ. If you like to join us email us at and after we meet for fellowship will give you the next steps in visiting All Nations International Fellowship in Beijing.



I'm Enji. From Mongolia.

I am 25 years old. 2 years ago first time I knew Christ and accepted Christ in my life. It was in Baoding of China. And also around that time pastor was praying for baptise me by Holy Spirit.  I had received Holy Spirit in my body. But I never give to Holy spirit chance to work in my life. Because I m still feel guilty m still not yet really believe in my heart. Still there is some doubt in my mind. Even though like this I was trying to know Bible trying to pray to God. Trying to obey to God's word. Every Sunday go to church. But I feel like there is something wrong. I feel like I need inner healing with God's relationship. I always think about I have much complain about some others. Before I m Christian my life was following world's law. But after I'm christian I have decided to follow Jesus. That is let me feel so confused when I live. I just don't know what  I have to do.  So I just prayed to God "God I don't know what I have to do ~~ give me see ur way for me. I want to follow you. You are my guider in my life. ~~ I need ur encourage for me. God help me. U can use someone or any situation for help me. Like this I was praying to him.
Then pastor Joseph text me enji u can visit us anytime. I m so glad to God. Because he listen to me. Actually before pastor text me I was thinking about if I go to Beijing for meet pastor and brothers sisters it's really good for me. But I couldn't  decide.  There is doubtful.
But it's suddenly pastor text to me. That's why I have visited to Anif last days. In Beijing I was glad with brothers and sisters. Last day go back to wuhan God has touched me by Holy spirit. Let me say..
2015.12.14 Monday morning pastor Joseph and me, we went to coffee shop for bible study and breakfast . Pastor let me read Roman  John Matthew  Acts about baptise by Holy spirit. Pastor said to me that today God will give for you some gift. Then we went back to home and read bible Matthew and pastor was  praying for me to receive speaking in tongue by Holy spirit . After pastor finished pray I was still cannot pray Holy spirit. I feel like if I pray say something it's not really maybe I am pretending. Then I was feeling I cannot do this and I was thinking give up. Pastor asked me enji I m waiting you speak then I answered I can't and I don't know what I have to do ~ then pastor you don't need know anything just say from ur stomach by faith  and there is no need ur mind. I know u r smart but you have to lost ur mind. And I still cannot pray say something but I was feel sad and I was crying. Pastor again said to me that God tell me you are feeling guilty. If you guilty right now say to God and God  will forgive you. Then I was speaking in Mongolian ask to God. I was crying more and more. .. then pastor continue pray put his hand. That time my tongue was moving in my mouth but there was no voice. After few minutes I gave my voice add to moving tongue. After this my tongue more quickly moved and I received gift from Jesus by Holy spirit. That's most amazing time in my life. I can't forget oh Lord Jesus.  You are alive. You always with me. God gave me this time. He author all things  for example..time and space every situation everyone
Praise God. I m really happy to improve my faith in Christ. Yesterday Christ has  gave me gift with healing my heart. 

Thank you Jesus [Smile] Praise Lord Jesus Amen !
January 2016


Beijing, China

September 24,2015   

Hi Pastor Joey, Good evening! I am writing to you about my testimony. Last Saturday I had this dream, and there was a man in the dream telling me to give testimonies. When I woke up, I was trying to figure out what kind of testimonies I should give. In the afternoon of that Sunday, my younger brother called me, and told me that my mother had just bought an iphone but she found she was not able to use it so well. So he asked me whether I wanted this phone or not. When I answered this call, I was on the cab with an American pathologist and we were on our way to a shopping mall. We were talking and the breeze was so comfortable. I was not ready for this gift. I was like, what?? because my mother is not that kind of person who likes fancy smart phones. Then my former prayer and the dream occurred to me. Actually I prayed to father Lord several times ago about wanting a new iphone. And in my prayer, I said: please give me an iphone. And now an iPhone 4 is coming to me. I cannot believe it. But at that moment I said to myself: now I know what kind of exact testimony I should give now. (I also was thinking that maybe I should have prayed harder then father God would give me an iPhone 6s)  Also I was so touched that day, because I knew that He loves me. I was complaining about myself that several days, about what an imperfect person I am, that I cannot react quickly to a topic people are talking about, that I cannot show my feelings in an appropriate way blabla. But I suddenly realized that even though I am so imperfect, He still loves me, and then I started to accept myself, accept who I am and accept all these imperfections. He loves me, and He can do it, then I should love myself and I should be able to do it as well. He really changed the way I look at myself, and I make peace with myself now, which is really really important to me. I think this is the starting point for me to change and become a person like this: I don't please people, I am confident, I smile more, I respect what I really need and I reward myself when I deserve it, and control my feelings and emotions better. and this is the kind of person Lord wants me to be, and this is the kind of person father Lord wants us to be. I am so thankful of Him. There is no greater in the universe, and He is the highest and almighty God. Amen.  Amen


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Jan 8, 2015

Hey wazup guys! I’m Roza from Mongolian Team-2014-2015 winter.
I’ve been here and there trying to help my students experiencing Holy Spirit and I myself also wanted to experience something new and I experienced the spirit transporting. Maybe this is not a new thing to you guys but it was an amazing thing to me and my thirst for God and passion just started!(it felt like it was stuck there.)
Last semester I had an PhD opportunity in South Korea for 100% scholarship and I had to give the answer in few days and I asked my girls to pray for me and prophecy. God gave words to Dora and told me that God has prepared something much better than that and so I canceled the request. I’ve experienced Holy Spirit’s works in my life and on my mom but I’ve received so much persecutions from many many people and I was having a hard time. I’m so blessed to see my students growing in the Spirit in front of my eyes, there’s no greater joy than that J Praise Lord! I’m sure God had perfect plan for each and everyone of them, no matter how different they are and from different backgrounds, and made them one hearted –to be thirsty for Holy Spirit and Word.
And on the way back to Mongolia, my students all told me to come to Beijing as pastor Joey suggested to serve there. I was not sure of anything, my heart was divided and I thought why not, and we all prayed and they’ve seen visions and received a word from God. I’ve decided to go to Beijing and serve the Lord, win souls, and of course learn many things from you guys! I don’t know Chinese lang. and I hate Chinese letters… >.< … let’s see how God’s gonna change me and use me! Now, nothing’s gonna stop me going there, no any guy, no any fame, nor opportunities to other highly worldly places.  I wanna serve the Lord~ Please pray  for me! 


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Jan 8, 2015

Hello guys. I am Enza, one of the members of Mongolian team. We came back to Mongolia yesterday. I learned many things from this mission trip and I really want to share with you guys. I have never felt the Holy Spirit this way before I went to Beijing China. I was slain with the Holy Spirit. When I was in Mongolia, I was praying about my calling and vision for a long time. But God did not give me the answer when I was in Mongolia, I don’t know, I thought maybe I was praying wrong or maybe it was not God’s time to tell me.  So I decided to go to china and my purpose was to know my calling and vision. After when I came to china, I saw many miracles, that I wasn’t even expecting. One of the miracles was being slain with the Holy Spirit. It was amazing. Also I knew my calling and purpose. God spoke with me through His word. I learned that mouth confession is so powerful and God gave us choices to make things better and awesome or just the way they are and worse. So we can start making miracles from today! 


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Hello ANIF! I’m Dora who is a member of Mongolian team. I came back to Mongolia yesterday and decided to share my testimony  about what God did to me in Beijing.  When I was going to Beijing, I was expecting to get the fire of Holy Spirit and to more close with God.First few days, I didn’t understand the reason that why I was there. Every time I felt angry, I tried to stay away from Pastor and I wanted to be alone.  I remember exact