Before you look at the prophetic words given to or through  ANIF we like to give you some background on what is prophecy and how to deal with it biblicaly.

To prophecy in the Greek means to speak forth, or bubbling forth a divinely inspired message from God. It is to encourage, exhort, edify and build up the church and to convince  pre believers of the Gods existance and care about their lives (1 Corinthians 14:3-5+22-24). Prophecy is not foretelling but forthtelling, speaking into existance the will of God under the power and authority of Gods spirit to co create with Him, His will in the earth. Therefore prophecy should NEVER 1. Contradict the final authority of the Holy Scriptures 2. Contradict what you know God has already said to you personally.

Prophecy should confirm what God has told you, or bear a wtiness with the your heart at the same time be in harmony with His written word.

So how do you apply a prophecy? When a word is given by inspiration of the Holy Ghost, and it is #1 Scriptural and #2 your heart bears witness you take that message, write it down, pray over it, pray it into your life and situation, pray in tongues over it and praise God for bringing it to pass. The Apostle Paul calls this fighting a spiritual war with the prophecies given to you (1 Timothy 1:8). 

Prophecy given at Mongolia Miracle Crusade 

By: Joseph R. Castillo 

August 26, 2016

Its time to post the prophetic word I was given in Mongolia.

As we were driving through the mountains on our way from the airport to the hotel I was a small whirlwind the size of a mans hand.

The spirit of God showed me there was a stirring happening and that our partnering with the Church of Mongolia would release a wind that would stir this whirl wind into what I can only describe as a mighty hurricane of revival that would sweep the nation.

Then I saw a great boom in development, I saw two specific things: Atomic Energy and secondly Technological Innovation.

1. He spoke he spoke to me about Technology Innovation He showed me young people will come back from studying abroad and will come back with a heart to bless their people. Because of their faith, they will not have the disposition as others do, who long for a better life abroad. But they will see the milk and honey of Mongolia and will join the Ox to build the glory of their nation, both in technological innovation and in the Kingdom of God.

2. Secondly this is what God showed me in regards to breakthrough in the development of Nuclear Energy in Mongolia.

I saw that forces will arise to postpone and deter breakthrough but in this time God will position people in his church to benefit from this development and Mongolia shall begin to launch out into regional influence, with that influence Mongolian missionaries will ride this wave of international influence. Then the word of God came to me saying: “And I will raise up leaders in Mongolia from among those who are saved and those who are about to be saved which are already in government.

And I will broaden the shoulders of Mongolia and she shall be an Ox which shall carry a glory into the world, not an old glory of a former mans kingdom, but the glory of a mighty Church, coming down from the heights of the north with the sword of the Spirit coming out of their mouth. And I will raise the stature of Mongolia in the East, and the in the West , nations shall greatly desire to covenant with Mongolia.”

FYI Mongolia which once has the largest empire in the world, 3 out of ten people alive today have Mongol blood, yet they currently only have a population of under 5 million people. Currently under 5% Christian according to latest statistics. But God has spoken from the Destiny Scroll of Mongolia of their revival both economically, spiritually and nationally. "Mongolia shall be saved! God said prophecy over the land a new static, 90% Christian"! 

Light Beijing Church BeiYuan: Apostle David Morgan

June 9, 2016
Prophecy for Joseph Castillo

Yea, for you have patiently waited upon me, I am doing things that you have not yet even fathomed, but I am doing things behind the scenes. Because there is a genuine heart that pants after me within you, yea I will bring different people into your circle of influence and I am going to knit you side by side with generals in my kingdom.

And my people will go before me and you will find yourself preaching apostolic, for surely there is an apostolic anointing upon your life to raise sons and daughters in my kingdom. Many have mocked you, many have criticized you, and many have even come against you because of your size, but I say that your size has nothing to do with who you are, and what I am doing in your life. I will bring you into a place of restoration as never before, where you will no longer be bothered about what people say about you behind closed doors. But they will know you, you will become somebody that people know, because of the glory of God that will rest upon you. I am going to shift your heart in brand new direction you're going to become a son who hears my voice with clarity, and you will bring forth a trumpet in the area because you have been bold and you have been fearless in different areas.

You have tasted this and tested that. God says get ready with an even greater appetite spiritually, cause I am going to make you even BIGGER, in my spirit, so that you can move mountains and so that you can prophecy to the sick. For I have given you favor in Asia, favor in Asia.

Favor over the continent of Asia, and divine favor will bring divine opportunity and divine wealth will come unto thee. Yea I say unto thee, seek ye my face, and come up higher says the Spirit of the Lord.

Unity Service by: Apostle David Morgan  May 29, 2016

Prophechy Over Beijing and ANIF

(To ANIF) You are going to see the miracles ,that going to see the dead raised and eyes that are blinded would be healed, deaf ears will hear and that will be an understanding in my spirit.

(To Beijing) For I am releasing a prophetic unction and prophetic revelation for the enemy has put the spirit of stupor and blindness over the city of Beijing but I have come to bring a release, and  the prophetic will challenge.

visitations shall come, visitation from God, yea,  I shall visit the people in Beijing. I will raise up new leaders in this place and I will bring forth the unity that needs to be upheld by my Spirit and by my grace says the Spirit of the Lord.

So think it not strange the things that you had gone through, behold I will do a new thing for you and yea, you have heard it said,that you have not yet seen it done, now is not the time to give up, now is not the time to quit, now is not the time to grow weary in well doing, for surely you will see all that I have promised, it shall come to pass.

For I am he that is able, repent, from your wicked ways turn to me, and humble thyselves, and continue to pray, and surely you will see that I am the Lord your God, able to bring it to pass, says the Spirit of the Lord. In the mighty name of Jesus.

Meeting: Prophet Tom Stamman May 17, 2016

Prophecy Over Pastor Joseph Castillo 

 "I see you writing syllabuses, and doing training not just preaching sermons to sheep, but training up shepherds.

One day I see a multiplication, right now its little by little, three churches, thirty churches and then 300 churches.I just pray that people won’t get jealous of you, if their not jealous of you then it means that you’re not accomplishing anything.

Prayer: (So Father I pray for his protection from jealous people who will just try to cause problems, because they want what he has.)

There are people who have been there a long time and have paid the price and you just come down and in a short times more results, more results in a short time than they have seen in their whole lives and they might not like that. Even though they’re all in it for Jesus, the flesh still gets in the way. I see you writing a number of books too. I even see you translating certain small portions of the bible in a more modern Chinese.

Secret meetings, people will just call to meet you, be careful of that. It can cost you your life, but it can also open up doors to lead people to Christ that would have otherwise never had the chance to meet Jesus in an open forum, so I pray for the favor of God. I don't know how you can get land there to build but I see you building something humanitarian to help people.

Prayer: (I pray for the finances to always be there, so he always has way more than enough.)

I see you doing printing there to print the things that you need.
Favor to be invited on TV programs and radio shows and you have already learned how to use that being somewhat anonymous. Thank you for the favor of God you have given him.

I see signs, wonders and miracles, I see some bones cracking into place, backs cracking into place.I see this man is positive, if people don't like you they are morons.You are the most likable and lovable guys. You just walk in and it’s like “hey! I’m everyone’s friend” and people feel “I like that guy”.
You have a pure heart to serve God, your gift of language is miraculous.

Prayer: (I pray someday someone will give you  a new vehicle, so you can pick up people. I pray one day you will be able to walk into a factory and lead them all to Jesus.)

You can’t do crusades in China, but I do see you doing crusades somewhere.

Prayer: (So let it be done father, let many people find Christ and be set free from demonic spirits.)

Prayer: (Keep him healthy, keep him from bad food and bad water and keep his lungs healthy from smog.)

Signs & Wonders Conference

By: Revivalist Charles Shamp

October 25, 2014 

Prophecy over Pastor Joseph

Other Nations will come here (ANIF)  and the door of the supernatural will be opened to speak into governments, not just in China but all over Asia. I prophesy that your business Pastor Joey isn’t just for the nation of China, but God is going to open doors all over Asian nations, and there is actually going to be a broadening of your vision. Its going to even be connected to the house, and as you begin to move in the realm of the spirit, God is going to take you to other lands, other nations, and you are going to use the same principle that you used here, and God is going to use that to birth other things, other things, other Churches, other governmental houses of glory all across the nations of Asia, all over the 10/40 window so that Gods glory will be seen and the nations all over southeast Asia, all over Asia houses of worship are going to begin to rise up. For God is putting a glory on you, that does not fear man, that has no fear of man, and actually when you go into nations you will carry such a governmental glory that even those that would try to destroy your life, those that would try to kill you will run in fear at the power of God in your very voice because I am coming right to you with a cloud that carries my presence and where ever you go you carry that presence forth, that presence is not just a cloud but it is my government that will rest upon your shoulder. I called you to this nation, I called you to Asia to make an impact in these nations for my glory. Do not settle for less, do not settle for anything that is subdued or under, God says NO.  You need to begin to lift up your eyes and begin to see, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. God is going to cause every enemy that has come against you to scatter every single way, and every voice that has risen against you God is condemn and silence their mouth, for God is going to open new doors. Double doors of favor and blessing into other nations, I see Japan opening, I see Thailand, I see Laos opening.  

I see Philippines opening,I’m seeing the shaking of the ground.

Father I thank you for the 4.5 Shaking of the ground, shaking of the ground in Beijing, we release the government glory. As a sign let the ground shake, let the ground shake, open the double doors, release the treasures hidden in darkness. 

We honor those in the realm of the spirit, all those who have given their life here, those who sacrificed their life to death so the gospel can be preached in this nation. We honor those and invite those that have a stake in this nation.